Javon Behavioural Institute (JBI) : A case study

Ben is 27 years old, and he has been overweight for as long as he can remember. Whenever Ben feels inspired to make changes to his diet, he is quickly dissuaded by his friends, activists against “fat-shaming” who are content with their plus size figures. Ben’s friends believe that their bodies are beautiful as they are and meant to be different. They resent the social pressures that overweight people face daily. Recently, Ben has faced troubling health concerns. Nausea first thing in the morning, a tightness in his chest, and he finds himself struggling to catch his breath while walking short distances.

Ben’s friends insist that his problems are psychosomatic due mainly to society’s unrelenting subliminal messages that to be thin is to be beautiful and thus happy. Ben chooses to visit his family doctor despite their concern and partakes in a full-body workup for his health.