JBI was born out of one simple desire -- the desire to help. We envision a world where people’s life purpose is aligned with their professions


We know that a person’s day-to-day job is important. If you’re going to spend one third of your adult life doing something, it better be something that makes you feel good. And we know that many adults, unfortunately, don’t get the chance to make a choice to pursue something that fulfills their passions and needs. It’s a plain fact that in this day and age, many young adults and recent graduates are experiencing an unprecedented gulf between their sense of self and purpose and their day-to-day life.

This is the problem that Javon Behavioural was created in response to: our program is tailor-made to improve the critical thinking skills of our students and get your foot in the door now -- no Bachelor’s, followed by a Master’s, followed by a co-op. We understand the urgency that people feel to find their place, and we take pride in giving our students the tools to do that. We’re not only giving our students the tools to succeed in the career of their choice; we’re giving them the tools to understand themselves.


JBI was initially started to fill a simple gap in the market: the need for more full-time behavioural therapists in Vancouver who were ready to work hands-on with families and their children. Our graduates had been succeeding with an over 90% hiring rate, and we quickly found ourselves fielding applications from other sectors all over Canada. We found that people who had experience in other mental health fields as well as business, entertainment, tech, and more were now interested in how our experiential learning process could help them reach the next level of their own careers. By providing our students with a fundamentally deeper understanding of their own behaviours, we began to create candidates who were desirable hires for any company, psychology focus notwithstanding.


This program isn’t based on typical academic structures. In fact, it’s specifically designed to not replicate these institutional strategies. One of our goals has always been to help people “learn by doing” -- this is the experiential process, which provides a unique learning experience for every student based on their own lived experiences and memories.


The typical student in North America has become a product of their environment. Life starts after spending four years being taught complex theoretical concepts with no way to map those onto the real world. We constantly hear from students who felt poorly informed during their undergrad years about career possibilities, and now find themselves unsure of where to start connecting their studies to a career. This creates anxiety, self-doubt, and depression. We’re passionate about correcting this imbalance: everyone has a success story inside of them and it’s never too late to begin writing it.

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