Frequently asked questions

How long is the entire program?

There are 3 phases to the program: 1. Learn 2. Experience 3. Network The first part of the program is an online training you will receive that consists of a series of lectures and assignments, followed by a final exam. Succesful completion of phase 1, will lead students to the Experience phase. You have a maximum of 16 weeks to complete phase 1. Phase 1 is online and self-paced. This means that it depends entirely on you. How quick your own personal paste is in the course, depends entirely on your own work ethics and schedule. The more efficient you study and work, the faster you will be able to enter phase 2: Experience.

Do I need to have an educational background in psychology?

The short answer is No. Here is the long answer: An educational background is certainly an asset, and in fact priority is often given to those with prior educational background. However, we believe that psychology is a particularly unique field where unless you have learned to observe, analyze, and understand the root cause of YOUR OWN behaviour patterns first, you simply won't be as effective with clients. There will be an "authenticity" factor missing from the equation. In other words, the therapy style will be dry and ("by-the-book), missing human connection. For this reason, we often do accept students who lack a formal education, but rather have the right characteristic traits or life expereinces that make them stand out amongst future colleagues.

What are some employment possibilities after graduation?

For more details visit (Internships and careers page). Some career paths our students often choose after graduation are as follows: >Mental Health Care Professional >Special Education Teacher >Behaviour Therapist Additionally, students are employed in the following settings: Schools Clinics and outpatient care centres Hospitals Nursing and residential care facilities Substance abuse and drug treatment centres In-house creative development Organizational development Military organizations Government agencies Academia Private Practice Advertisement agencies

Who is this program started and run by?

JBI was started by a group of mental health professionals desiring to enhance the training that is offered to para-professionals in this field. The government of Canada offers a very limited amount of funding to families of children with specific developmental disorders. Families must then distribute the funding received among specialists they hire for their child. Due to lack of funds available, the training time for para-professionals has decreased. One of the goals of this program is to ensure students are prepared before starting employment in mental health field.

Will I receive a diploma as a result of this program?

Categorized as a skill-based program, our intention is to increase theoretical knowledge, followed by real-life experience. Students do not receive diplomas ,as in order to be eligible to work in the field, you must work under supervision of a board certified psychologist, behaviour analyst, speech & language pathologist, and other professionals. Our students, upon graduation begin employment under one of the listed professionals above. They understand that without supervision they are not able to conduct their own therapy or hold own therapeutic private practice as doing so would simply be unethical.

What is the successful employment rate for students upon graduation?

8/10 of our students are employed within 4 weeks of graduation. & 95% of our students are employed within the first 6 weeks after graduation.

What is the program tuition fee?


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