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(Before) completing the application, make note of the following:


  1. Read the website thoroughly and familiarize yourself with the steps of the program

  2. You must have been (invited) by an advisor to fill out the application. To be considered, send in a copy of your resume to

  3. Be sure that you are aware of the duration and cost of the program: 16 weeks and tuition fee of $3510

  4. This is an intensive training program that requires excellent level of work-ethics and a disciplined mindset. Before applying, ensure that you are able to make the necessary time commitment

  5. Due to the sensitive nature of the field, without a clear criminal record, your application will not be considered​


googooli girl.jpg
Choose all the population/disorders you are interested in working with

Part 2: Answer the following questions (We encourage you to not seek assistance in answering these, as we are interested in understanding your level in the field).

Thanks for submitting! We will inform you shortly if your application has been accepted.

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