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At what point did we lose the connection between learning and real life?

The Javon Behavioural curriculum helps educate and transform students into observant critical thinkers, capable of analyzing the deep roots behind their own and other’s behaviour. 


Our program will prepare you for the challenges you’ll face at the start of a professional career, with a focus on those entering the field of psychology. 


Our real-world internships and self-improvement initiatives combine to make our students deeply hirable prospects.

Our comprehensive curriculum uncovers the philosophy of the science of human behaviour.


You will discover how an individual’s psyche is shaped and programmed by the environment around them. Each student will investigate, analyze, and ultimately come to understand their past, present, and future; their motivations and memories; their passions and skills.


This is practical knowledge than will help in any situation where standing up for yourself and others is important; or understanding someone else’s point of view is key.  

Success is not something that comes without collaboration, and the JBI psychology apprenticeship program gives you the tools to harness that. Start taking charge of your career today. 







                “The truth is, we spend too much time on the theoretical and the tactical, and not enough time on the

                 creative and practical” - Jay Shetty


Phase 1: Admission

Our carefully designed screening process seeks applicants who are passionate, curious, and observant. Prior experience in psychology is an asset, although not a requirement.


Phase 3: Real World Experience

Gain invaluable experience through practicums and internships with board-certified psychology experts and behavioural analysts. These will develop your real-world skills and lead to a vastly expanded choice of careers and paths for you to explore after JBI.

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Phase 2: Life and Learning

You will take part in an interactive online training program. By using your own life and experiences as a case study, you will start to develop a working knowledge of the science of human behaviour. By fine-tuning these principles over the course of the program, you will become prepared for both a promising career in psychology and a well-examined life.

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"By the end of the program I felt like I had access to the knowledge I always imagined about the science behind behaviour , and now I’m working as a social skills therapist for children with anxiety disorders. Javon Behavioural helped me find meaning in my career.” Anouck Ardle


Get out of the classroom and into the real world. At Javon Behavioural, you learn through experimentation, coaching, and mentorship.

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